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mx id: 3839 | OBO id: HAO:0000636 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0000636
mid leg synonyms: intermediate leg, mesoleg, mesopes, middle leg, midleg
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
The leg that is located on the mesothorax.
written by: Deans, A. R. 2009. HAO curator..

Relationships / properties:
The mid leg is a leg.
The mid leg is part of the mesosoma. The mid leg is part of the mesothorax. The mid leg is part of the multi-cellular organism. The mid leg is part of the thorax.

Alobevania Kawada & Deans, 2008

Label usage (sensu)
mid leg by Deans, A. R. 2009. HAO curator..
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