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mx id: 1253 | OBO id: HAO:0000402 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0000402
median complex synonyms: humeral complex, subcostal scale
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
The anatomical cluster that is composed of median plates.
written by: Miko, I. 2009. -2019 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.

Relationships / properties:
The median complex is a anatomical cluster.
The median complex is part of the wing base.

Label usage (sensu)
median complex by Miko, I., M. Bertone, M. Yoder, A. Deans, S. Katja, N. Johnson, S. Brady, P. Ward, F. Ronquist, E. Talamas, L. Krogmann, L. Vilhelmsen, C. Rasmussen, G. Broad, A. Lucky, and B. G. 2010. HAO/Biosync working meeting II..
subcostal scale by Curators, H. A. O. 2009. The Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology Curation Team. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
humeral complex by Miko, I. 2009. -2019 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
subcostal scale by Duncan, C. D. 1939. A contribution to the biology of North American vespine wasps. Stanford University Publications, Biological Sciences 8:1-233.
Comments and tags
alternative definition added almost 15 years ago by Istvan Miko
The complex sclerite of the fore- and hind wing bases derived from the bases of the costa, subcosta, and radius, and perhaps also media+cubitus.
  Reference: Ronquist, F., and G. Nordlander. 1989. Skeletal morphology of an archaic cynipoid, Ibalia rufipes (Hymenoptera: Ibaliidae). Entomologica Scandinavica, Supplement 33:1-60.
  Cross reference: None provided.

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