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mx id: 1080 | OBO id: HAO:0000146 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0000146
area synonyms: portion of cuticle
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
The anatomical structure of the cuticle that is delimited by material or immaterial anatomical entities.
written by: Miko, I. 2009. -2014 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.

Relationships / properties:
The area is a anatomical structure.
The area is part of the cuticle.

Label usage (sensu)
area by Miko, I. 2009. -2014 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
portion of cuticle by Miko, I. 2009. -2014 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
Comments and tags
comment added over 7 years ago by Matt Yoder
Conflicts with PATO:0001323?
  Reference: None provided.
  Cross reference: None provided.

comment added almost 5 years ago by Istvan Miko
The area is the part of an anatomical structure that is flattened (PATO:0002254 "A quality inhering in a bearer by virtue of the bearer's surface becoming more extended in a plane.") and is delimited by planes that are perpendicular to the "extended surface" of the anatomical structure. "extended surface" is the anatomical surface that extends along the more extended side of the anatomical structure. The planes that delimits the area correspond either with a material anatomical entity or with an anatomical line drawn in between two material anatomical entities. Area can be hence the part of anything that is flattened, i.e. cuticle, epidermal cell layer, integument, wall of a gland. Invaginations and evaginations are typical examples of area. They are defined by the border between the adjacent convex/straight/concave areas. For the correct definition of area we should create a class for flattened anatomical structures. Having the class "flattened anatomical structure" can be very useful from other reasons. e.g. the developemnt of any flattened structure might requires 2D cell divisions.
  Reference: Miko, I. 2009. -2014 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
  Cross reference: None provided.

alternative definition added over 8 years ago by Andy Deans
A region of a sclerite defined by lines or other structures.
  Reference: Ronquist, F., and G. Nordlander. 1989. Skeletal morphology of an archaic cynipoid, Ibalia rufipes (Hymenoptera: Ibaliidae). Entomologica Scandinavica, Supplement 33:1-60.
  Cross reference: None provided.

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